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Castle Viewed from the Lower Western Lawn

Shots of the west face of the Castle have been used on so many post cards over the years and we cannot proceed without including similar photos of our own...

Whitstable Castle viewed from the south section of the lower lawn

The west face of the Castle building as viewed from the south section of the lower lawn

West face of Whitstable Castle viewed from the lower lawn

The west face of the Castle viewed from the lower lawn

Castle Viewed from the Bowling Green

The bowling green remains a key feature of the grounds and it provides some of the most impressive views of the Castle...

West face of Whitstable Castle viewed from the bowiling green

The west face of the Castle viewed from the bowling green

The shot below shows the modern Whitstable Bowling Club buildings on the left.....

Whitstable Castle and the Whitstable Bowling Club

The castle viewed from Whitstable Bowling Club

From the south side of the green ,it is possible to get a panoramic view of the entire westen side of the Castle Grounds....

Panoramic view of Whitstable Castlle Grounds

Panoramic view of the Castle Grounds taken from the bowling green

I would like to thank the Whitstable Bowling Club members for letting me in to take these shots. This is the third time I have imposed on them at short notice!!!

The Building - Close Up

Now, we take a closer look at the main building.... starting with the famous west face. As you can see, the upper terrace lawn is now partly paved to provide a patio for The Orangery tea room....

West face of Whitstable Castle, patio and lawn terrace

The west face of the Castle, patio and  and upper lawn

The Orangery is a new extension at the southern end of the Castle (ie the single-storey structure in the photo below). It replaced a utilarian, "flat roofed"  wing that had been added in the 1950s/1960s when the Castle buildings served as the offices of the old Whitstable Urban District Council. The Tea Room occupies both The Orangery and the some of the original ground floor space.

Whitstable Castle: The Orangery extension

"The Orangery" extension

Below, the The Orangery is pictured from the south east....

Whitstable Castle: The Orangery viewed from the south east

"The Orangery" extension from the south east

At the the oposite end of the building (the northern end), we have the Mallandain Room with its prominent bay windows (see below). This served as the WUDC council chamber at one time but it is now used for functions including wedding ceremonies and receptions......
Whitstable Castle: The North Wing (Mallandain Room)

The North Wing with the prominent bay windws of the Mallandain Room

Whitstable Castle: Western lawns from the north wing

View of the grounds with the northern bay of the Mallandain Room on the left

The turrets still give that unique skyline....

Whitstable Castle: Turrets, weather vane and flag pole

The familar turrets, waether vane and flagpole

.... but I am not sure what that brightly-coloured flag is all about!!!


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