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Tin Can Bay, Australia by Tom Swire

Hi Everyone....

I have always been a keen 'Shutter Bug' but, after 40 years, I have given up doing my own printing & developing. However, today (the 1st Day of our winter) I went off with my trusty, new fangled digital... starting at the approaches to our wonderful city of Tin Can Bay in Queensalnd..... 



The name comes from the Aboriginal word TunKun which I believe is the word for Sea Cow. From the outskirts, we can move on to my favourite watering hole - the Country Club..... 



On the day that the photos were taken, it was totally taken over by lady bowlers competing in the Ladies Open Fours.....


Pressing on down to the water, we have the marina....  



Then, it's on past the many prawn trawlers....



... to the Coastguard station...




At this point, my camera gave me a "disc full" message and I'll have to continue the pics at a later date.... but, who knows... maybe the tide will be in then! 

In the meantime, I can give you a bit of the history of Tin Can Bay as follows......

1860  The area was logged and the timber towed by sea to Marybough for processing
1880's Oysters sent by sea to Southern Markets.
1922  First 32 land Allotments were sold.
1934 First School opened 20 children.
1947  First 2 shops opened Butcher & Baker.
1956  Prawn trawlers arrive
1962 Police station.
1971 Fire Station.
1977 Doctor opens surgery - arriving by helicopter once week.
1978 Widgee Shire opens Depot.
1980 First Library
1981 Ambulance Station.
1983 Shires of Gympie & Widgee amalgamate to form Cooloola Shire

What a place this would have been 100yrs ago. I was born to soon!


Tom Swire
June  2004

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