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Brooks, Alberta by Mark Foreman 

My Home from Home lies on the prairies of Alberta near the city of Brooks (population 12,000).


Alberta - most westerly of the three prairie states. The others are Saskatchewan and Manitoba


This shot features my house in the distance with my youngest son riding the quad....



In the distance is our local grain elevator - the latest to be built in Alberta. It replaced a magnificent old wooden structure with those huge metal silos. Grain is received there from farmers trucks, stored and then shipped on by rail cars to the coast.

The photo below is taken from the edge of my property looking East.....  with my Hungarian Vizla, (called Rizla after the cigarette paper!).  He came over from the UK with me 9 years ago and has always caused a stir with fellow bird hunters as they have never seen anything like him before.


In the distance is one of our mega-trains heading West. They are huge and can take some minutes to pass by.  I once counted one with 205 cars!

Brooks is a drive away and the picture below captures my crazy, busy commute to the outskirts from the cab of my half ton truck at eight in the morning..... Hectic eh?!! 



And I can finish with a sunset - looking West of course! The corrals in the photo help to keep the cattle out of the worst of the wind. When it's minus 30 something and blowing hard, you can imagine how cold it is!



Mark Foreman
May 2006

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