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Hohenschäftlarn, Bavaria
 by Ivan Evans & Chris Butler


Hohenschäftlarn is a small village 20km south of Munich – so it´s bang in the middle of Europe!  What a wonderful position for travelling around.  The nearest ski-ing area in the Alps is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, just 80km away, and over the Alps is Italy with Venice and the Mediterranean with all of its summer warmth.  France, Switzerland and Austria are only a few driving hours away.  Just down the hill is Kloster Schäftlarn which dates back to the year 762 and the River Isar which flows through Munich on its way to the Danube.

The winter of 2005-2006 was the longest on record.  It started snowing here on 18th Nov. and the lawn was still white at the end of March!



Here I am on 6th March 2006 standing in 70cms of the white stuff in the middle of our lawn


What a joke – January / February this year (2007) were the warmest since records started in 1781!



A picturesque May Day photo of the village with its old buildings, church and Maypole


The church, St. Georg, was built 1729, but the first written reference to a church in the village is dated 778.  A Maypole is put up in local villages every five years on Mayday.  It´s a big event with lots of celebration and dancing!



A typical summer photo of one of the oldest houses in the village


The owners are proud of decorating their houses with flower boxes and there is a competition every year for the best.



The village museum, with its own mini Maypole and the church in the background


The museum, originally a farmhouse, dates back to 1492.  After the last owner died, it was renovated and is now maintained by seven volunteers, each retired but a specialist in his own trade.

I moved to the Munich area in 1973 and met my wife Chris, a Brummie girl, two years later at a party, only five kilometres away from here.

Since living in the village, we have joined many local clubs.  We are members of the museum club, the gardening club and the local choir.  Being a hobby photographer, I get asked to record many events, and I am known as the "village photographer".

It´s been fun writing to you.



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