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Amonte, Ontario with Glennis Harwig

Whitstable Natives have taken up residence in some of World's most beautiful locations and none more so than Glennis Harwig. So, here, we take a trip to a wonderful farm house in the Canadian countryside just north east of Lake Ontario....  



It's no ordinary house as Glennis explains....


It's log and over 150 years old. It is situated on the edge of the Canadian Shield. 

This photograph was taken in February 2006...not the coldest winter and not the deepest warming I suppose.



It also looks a great place for a Christmas party, Glennis. So, Simply Whitstable readers will start to arrive on 24th December.... with a bottle!

Of course, it's not just the winter secenery that is special around Almonte. Autumn can be pretty impessive too...



Article produced May 2006
Autumn photo October 2008

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