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Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast of Queensland
with Bob & Pam Court

Bob and Pam Court have found their very own 'Home from Home' close to the Tropic of Capricorn on the eastern shores of Queensland, Australia.


Mooloolaba from the Air


It is here that the Mooloolah and Maroochy rivers reach the sea and white sands fringe the emerald green coastlands between the two estuaries.


Twin Water Resort - North of Mooloolaba
 with the Maroochy River pictured on the left


As one would suspect, the name Mooloolaba has its roots in the Aborigine language.... possibly from the word mulu (snapper fish) or mullu (red bellied black snake).

The area first developed amidst timber operations in the latter part of the 19th century. The rivers provided a transport artery inland to the equatorial forests and the harbour afforded a base for the export of wood to developing cities such as nearby Brisbane.


Mooloolaba Harbour


By the early 20th century, fruit growing and fishing had become significant enterprises but it wasn't until 1921 that modern Mooloolaba started to develop on any significant scale. Since then, road construction has meant that Brisbane is now just an hour's drive to the south and the town has expanded as a popular residential area and holiday resort.


The Resort of Mooloolaba


As Bob pointed out to me, the picture above shows the extensive use of water in the development of Mooloolaba. This takes the form of canals and lakes set in the flat coastal plain  behind the beach. These waterways are sufficiently deep to serve as anchorages for private craft and, in some instances, residents are able to moor 'ocean going' yachts at the bottom of their garden. (Sheesh.... why did Whitstable concrete over the Gorrell Tank... and why have I only got a compost heap at the bottom of my garden?!).  


It makes for an attractive setting and one that some eagle eyed readers may have spotted before.... in Bob's Mooloolaba Christmas 2007 photos.

Remember this photo of the Court Family Christmas Tree?

Notice the water in the background. This is a lake fed from the sea. As such, it contains a variety of marine life. 

Of course, a holiday resort means..... facilities! Apart from the natural gifts of sun, sand and blue seas, Queensland's vast open spaces can accommodate expansive man made provisions... 


Hyatt Golf Club


Moololaba has received Royal recognition. The Queen has stayed at the Hyatt Golf Club in the past.... but don't tell Prince Andrew as we'll never get him back and Mooloolaba will be constantly buzzed by Budgie the Helicopter

Mention Queensland and the average Englishman conjures up immediate thoughts of Australia's exotic wild life and the area has been quick to provide tourists with close encounters of the animal kind ! Bob tells me that... Crocodile Hunters Zoo is just down the road..... Mooloolaba  Underwater World allows you to swim with sharks.... and Fraser Island affords an opportunity to feed  Dingoes. All this explains why tourists are shipped in by 80-seater coach and shipped out by mini bus.

Bob's discovery of Mooloolaba wasn't a straightforward business. He had originally emigrated to New Zealand in 1963 under the "20 Pom Scheme" ... rather than than the"10 Pom" scheme to Australia. The extra tenner was well worth it as it was in NZ that he met Pam who had also emigrated from the UK..  

The couple made regular holiday trips to Australia.... and the Queensland coast. After  falling in love with the area, they made the massive decision to embark on another upheaval.... by migrating across the Tasman Sea (between NZ and Oz) and settling permanently in Mooloolaba in 1987. They now run a highly respected estate agency which has led to locals bestowing the title 'Auntie Pam'.... on Pam... not Bob. In 2007, the family celebrated 20 years as residents of Mooloolaba. (Bob relates his reasons for becoming an emigrant to NZ in the Why/How section of Natives Abroad -  click here  to view.

When not tending the business, they are able to enjoy a relaxed sunshine lifestyle and that includes the family Bali Hut on the patio..... 



In fact, Moololaba enjoys an average of seven hours of sunshine per day and that makes it one of the sunniest places on Earth. It has also inspired the title, 'The Sunshine Coast"

The seaboard location and proximity to the tropics means that temperatures vary somewhat less than elsewhere around the globe. In winter (June-Sept), the thermometer averages between 7 and 22oC. In summer (Dec-Feb), those figures climb to between 17 and 28oC. Of course, readings can rise above this but they are usually  tempered by the cooling influence of sea breezes.    

All this means that Bob and Pam can make full use of the wider attractions that the beaches and exotic hinterland have to offer....



 Locally produced food is pretty good too... and it can be healthy...



.... or not.....



... depending on how you feel.

 Talk of food, allows me to mention that emigration requires a bit of adaptation. This was evident from Bob's description of Christmas Day celebrations in Queensland....


"After all the presents have been opened and all the paper left for mum & dad to clean up, we go out to the patio for a champagne breakfast cooked on the barbie".....

"For Christmas dinner, we cooked ham on a Webber - covered in apricot sauce and with piles of tiger prawns and oysters. The weather has been a little cooler today (only 29 degrees but not humid)".

Bob Court
Christmas 2007 


Of course, what Bob and Pam don't know is that I have discovered the name of their business (Pam Court Realty) and located the company web site. So, if the above photos and descriptions have tempted anyone to emigrate, they can visit Auntie Pam.... and Uncle Bob at..... 


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