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Timaru, New Zealand by Brian Bishop

Hi Dave, and all the “Whitstableites” wherever you are. Even those poor souls in the land of Oz.... bless their little cotton socks. (New Zealand’s West Island!!). Smile…no grin! 

Not so long ago, you said it might be nice to see a few photographs of where some of us ended up. Well, I left 43, Gordon Road in Whitstable and, 40 years later, I have come to rest in the lovely town of Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand.



The town is just a little bigger than Whitstable with a population of about 45,000, about 100 kms. (60 miles) South of Christchurch. Like Whitstable, it is a seaside town. The harbour is larger and caters for container traffic and deep sea fishing.

Unlike Whitstable, you can still park outside the shop you wish to shop in and for free! There are no traffic problems and we can still go for a peaceful Sunday afternoon drive.  


Timaru High Street


We are only an hour’s drive away from the nearest ski field in winter and yet have very mild winters here in town. 


Lake Tekapo Ski Area.


We have a motor race track, an airport, two lovely sports stadium and a new hospital. Down on the seafront there is a large sound shell which is used for outdoor concerts and where the town celebrates the New Year.


Caroline Bay, Timaru


You can still buy a new 4-bedroom home with a double garage and a garden for under $200,000 NZ.dollars (about 68,000 sterling).... so, all in all, a very nice place to live. 

If any Whitstable residents are thinking of coming down this way in your travels, my wife and I would only be too pleased to see you and you would be made very welcome. Just drop me an e-mail first. 


Having been back to Whitstable 3 years ago and seen the utter chaos in the town with far too much traffic for the facilities to cope with, the council should be trying to persuade people to build as far from the town centre as possible. 

A council that would even contemplate such a move would be out of office at the next election here. Anyway, time for me to get off my soap box. 

Hope you like the photos of Timaru. Once again let me thank Dave and all who keep the true spirit of Whitstable alive with such a wonderful web site.


Brian Bishop
June 2004

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