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Frankston, Victoria by Audrey & John Moore

We emigrated to Australia with our 5 children on the SS Australis back in March 1972.... and settled in the suburbs of Melbourne to begin a new life after John had served 17 years in the British army. 



Both John and I left family in Whitstable and Herne Bay - John's mother, father, sister and 5 brothers, and my brother and mother. We missed them of course but we have been back 4 times for holidays and visited them. The family has grown smaller over time but we have some to visit on our the next trip to the UK.

Frankston lies on a broadly level peninsula where it occupies a place approximately midway along the sandy eastern shore of Port Phillip Bay - between the "heads" to the South and Melbourne Docks to the north.

At its widest point, the bay covers some 80 kms of coast. Frankston is therefore approximately 40 kms from the city as the crow flies - a 40 minute drive.

The main road runs the full 80 kms from the south western end of the bay to the city.....



Traffic is heavy during summer months as the area is a haven for caravan owners. Most of the foreshore is one long caravan park and you cannot put a pin between the vans.

The sandy shores draw beach goers by the thousands - particularly on hot summer nights when the teenagers sleep on the beach and there are swimmers galore (notwithstanding the sharks). I have been in, ankle deep, once. I think that was a senior moment!

Our opening photo shows Frankston Pier. This is about 100-150 yards long .and is the centre of activity during the summer and also on "good days" in the winter - like the one in the picture. Under its boards, the water is  crystal clear... right down to its sandy bottom. Anglers of all ages enjoy dangling a line from the deck.

Moving on, let me now introduce our Sea Eagle.....



This piece of so called art was commissioned by the local council at considerable cost to the ratepayers of the municipality. It is to be enjoyed by the said ratepayers while they drive past or sit waiting for a bus (rear view only)..... or by the few who actually walk by it. 

It has become a great 'hit' with the resident population of seagulls and I use the word pointedly! However, you will gather that it is not a popular purchase with the human residents.

Returning to the coast, our final photo shows the beginning of Kananook Creek. 



Here, there are three boat ramps allowing boats and cabin cruisers to be launched for a days fishing - 24hours, 7days a week for $7.00 a time. Needless to say it is only accessible when the tide is in -  hence the 24 hours!

The local council has just finished a complete revamp of the area -, including our own version of The Harbour Bridge where the creek meets the sea. Of course, our bridge is purely pedestrian and is a perfect spot to view the sunsets across the bay. Behind the camera is a huge car-and-boat trailer parking area (one of many on the foreshore).

Our children have of course grown up now. Our daughter and two of our sons have settled in Melbourne suburbs but our other 2 sons have gone "interstate" and settled there.

We love our life here and enjoy the weather. In fact, on a recent trip back to the UK (March 2004) we encountered snow in Whitstable. I had forgotten how cold it was. Here in Frankston, we are unlucky if we get frost once in 5yrs!  


July 2004 

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