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Whitstable Old Boys Football Club



Together - 40 Years On...


From its beginnings in 1958, the Old Boys football club continued well into the 1970s and more than 80 youngsters passed through its ranks. In the decades that followed, ex-players became widely scattered around both the UK and, indeed, the world. Many lost contact with their team mates.... until a chance discussion between ex-Old Boys living in Australia gave rise to a reunion in Whitstable on 27 August 2006.

Appeals were made via Meridian TV, local newspapers and the Internet and, more than 120 players, officials and their partners congregated at the Marine Hotel on a Sunny Bank Holiday.


Media Coverage...


The event was covered by both TV and local press. One of the most poignant moments was featured on Meridian channel... with Old Boys players involved in a kickabout on Tankerton Slopes at the front of the hotel.

Some of the skills were still there... but with players attending from places as far afield as Australia and South Africa some of the accents had changed a little!


Photo CD....


Over 100 photos of the event have been collected by John Wraight in Australia and this will become available shortly on CD.

I understand that John will be issuing copies to those who have already expressed an interest. Anyone else wishing to obtain a copy should contact Peter Wade here in Whitstable on 01227 266 210.

We hope to include a selection of the photos on Simply Whitstable as a permanent record.




We do not yet have the official list of those attending the event but we can publish the list of players contacted prior to the event and the responses received. Those signed up to attend are shown in green. Those for whom replies were awaited are shown in blue and many did make it to the Marine. 





Able to Attend

Name Contact

Able to Attend

R Townsend Yes Yes M Browning Yes  
A Adams Yes Yes R Wood Yes Yes
R Huson Yes   D Marsh Yes Yes
D Hurdman Yes Yes T Sargeant Yes Yes
C Hadler Yes Yes J Sargeant Yes Yes
P Jordan Yes Yes R Cordes Yes Yes
D Hardy Yes Yes L Bigge Yes Yes
J Taylor Yes Yes L Hinkley    
B Wanstall Yes Yes J Meares Yes Yes
J Wraight Yes Yes A Jones Yes Yes
D Ralph Yes Yes A Newlyn Yes  
T Sandy Yes Yes W Fleet Yes Yes
B Keam Yes Yes I Turner    
A Bensted Yes Yes A Bishop    
A Maflin Yes Yes A Howells    
J Huson Yes   D Hill Yes Yes
R Watson Yes Yes R Dixon    
A Hadler Yes Yes P Selwood Yes Yes
G Huson Yes Yes D Appleton Yes Yes
A Whorlow     C Fisher Yes Yes
C Camburn Yes   P Hoskins    
R Harris Yes No D Dennis    
B Shinglestone Yes Yes B Borcham    
R Banks Yes Yes T Wood    
R Coe Yes   L Saundem    
D West     P Wade Yes Yes
A Keam Yes Yes P Ashcroft Yes Yes
P Hadlow     J Tuffin Yes Yes
P Page Yes Yes T Gowan    
R Keam Yes Yes P Howard Yes Yes
M Gatehouse Yes Yes J Reed Yes Yes
F Nutten Yes Yes J Harnett Yes Yes
M Harman Yes Yes D Boulting Yes Yes
P Townsend Yes Yes T Phillips Yes Yes
P Merritt Yes Yes A Blagden Yes Yes
E Cowie Yes   F Newing Yes Yes
P Wilkinson
    D Bateson
D Mathews
Yes Yes B Gambrill Yes Yes
T Gaiger Yes Yes