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The club reunion on 27 August 2006 will be the first large scale reunion in Whitstable since the club disbanded and it will bring together ex-players together from around the UK... and the world. However, it is not the first reunion.

A smaller meeting took place in 2005 and, in keeping with the wide distribution of Old Boys in the new millennium, the venue was Beaufort.... in Australia.... and wasn't without its tarnsport problems as Denise Harris explains.... 


Dear Dave,


Thought you might be interested to hear about a re-union at our place in Beaufort, Victoria which is about 50 kms from Ballarat. The town is famous for it's Goldfields and The Eureka Stockade.

Dave & Judy Hurdman from Western Australia and Bobby & Jane Townsend from Melbourne came to see us recently. 

The "Boys" are Whitstable born & bred and all played for The Whitstable Old Boys Team. More about that in another email. Us Ladies are migrants to Whitstable. My Husband Roger Harris, Dave, Judy, Bobby & myself (Denise), all went to the Nottidge School. Jane came from Sandwich.

Back to the re-union. After having a lovely day and night, the next day Bobby finds he has trouble with his car....


Whitstable Old Boys FC: "Reunion" in Oz 2005


.... so, off he goes to the local Car Mechanic.

Not wanting to sit around doing nothing, the Ladies got the secateurs and started pruning my roses which badly needed doing.... 


Whitstable Old Boys FC: "Reunion" in Oz 2005


Jane is on the left & Judy on the right. Then, Dave gets hold of the mower and starts cutting the grass...


 Whitstable Old Boys FC: "Reunion" in Oz 2005


In the Meantime, "Squire" Harris sat on his a...e with a beer (for a stir).....


Whitstable Old Boys FC: "Reunion" in Oz 2005


Don't we have lovely friends? The last picture is of the 6 of us.... 


Whitstable Old Boys FC: "Reunion" in Oz 2005


Hope you will find this of interest for the site as our friends are going to be looking for it. We all look at this site every week and think it is great.



Denise Harris 




Many thanks to Denise & Roger, Judy & Dave and Jane & Bobby.