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Whitstable Old Boys Football Club


More than 70 players wore the well known shirts of the Old Boys during the lifespan of the club and it takes some organisation to run two prominent teams in so many competitions for so many years.

This is perhaps one of the key elements of the clubs success. Success on the pitch was matched and supported by efficiency and enthusiasm off it. Here, we look at some of the unsung heroes....


Club Officials...


Many thanks must go to a backroom team which, over the years, included....


Founder D Bateson

Whitstable Old Boys FC Founder - teacher Dave Bateson


W Thomas

Whitstable Old Boys FC - local businessman W Thomas


V Pres: L Rose

Whitstable Old Boys FC Vice President - headmaster L Rose


R Huson

Whitstable Old Boys FC Coach - R Huson

Treas: B Wanstall

Whitstable Old Boys FC Treasurer - B Wanstall

Sec: J Wraight

Whitstable Old Boys FC Secretary - J Wraight


A Bensted 

Whitstable Old Boys FC Committee Member - A Bensted

J Huson

Whitstable Old Boys FC Committee Member- J Huson

A Hadler 

Whitstable Old Boys FC Committee Member-  A Hadler

A Maflin

Whitstable Old Boys FC Committee Member - A Maflin




Of course, in those days, "Church Street" was a wonderful swathe of springy, emerald turf. It included five pitches of varying sizes and two cricket squares. On the southern edge, there were concrete changing rooms and a brick toilet block.

The best pitch was located adjacent to those changing rooms and close to the Church Street roadway. For some years, the Old Boys commanded sole weekend use of those facilities and the facilites were kept in excellent condition by a character so many people will remember. John Wraight pays tribute....


The Ground Staff

One thing I would like to mention relates to the groundsman at Church Street - Mr. Munday. He was there for years and always had a perfect pitch for us week after week. 

John Wraight