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Whitstable Old Boys Football Club

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First Ever Game in '58

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1st XI: 
Year 1962/63?
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1st XI: 
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1st XI: 
Year N/K
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2nd XI: 1960/61 at the
Challenge Trophy Final
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1st XI: 
1962/63 at Whitstable Charity Cup Final
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2nd XI: 1962/63
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1st XI:
wob7.jpg (28232 bytes)
1st XI:
1965/66 at the
Whitstable Charity Cup Final
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1st XI:
1966/67 at the  Challenge Trophy Final
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1st XI:
1967/68 at the  Challenge Trophy Final
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1st XI:
1967/68 or 1968/69
wob45.jpg (47733 bytes)
1st XI:
1969 or later
wob12.jpg (39354 bytes)
Belmont Tournament Winners 1970
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1st XI:
Challenge Trophy Runners Up - Early 1970s
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