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Whitstable Old Boys Football Club


So many Old Boys are now scattered around the globe that we suspect that a number haven't seen their old footballing home for some years. Here, we present a few current day photos to bring back the memories.

This is the scene today from the path alongside the Old Thanet Way..... 


Church Street Playing Field in Modern Times


The Old Boys pitch was located on the right in the distance and the changing rooms were sited behind that large tree.

Sadly, the changing facilities have been removed and all that remains of the green pre-fab and toilet block is a concrete base surrounded by tufts of grass that a quick mow couldn't reach....


Church Street Playing Field in Modern Times


We live in very different times... in terms of economics and priorities and, presumably, it is no longer viable to have a dedicated groundsman. Whilst the football pitches remain, the two carefully maintained cricket squares have long since departed.

Limited open space has also meant that Church Street now serves multiple functions.... as a place for walkers, dog owners and other pastimes. Having been chased from the ground in the late 1950s by Mr Munday for merely kicking a football in an unofficial practice, I wonder what he would make of things in 2005!

Nevertheless, Church Street is still with us and it is used by local football clubs of all ages. The legacy continues... but in more modern circumstances and demands.