Whitstable Girls Life Brigade of the Late 1950s/Early 1960s

With Thanks to Ian and Jenny

Ian Johnson and Jenny Ashford (née Johnson) brought back memories of the Girls Life Brigade with two lovely photos of the unit from the late 1950s and early 1960s. They were able to name some of the personnel... but can you fill in the missing ones?

Girls Life Brigade 1959

Whitstable Girls Life Brigade 1959
Girls Life Brigade 1959
Back: Janet Marsh, ?????, Margaret Dailey (now Marshall), Julia Newell, Tricia Harvey, ??????, Anita Taylor (now Dailey)
Front ?????, Denise Harman, Carol Harman, Jennifer Johnson, Captain (Dolly) Morgan, Rev Stanley C. Harrisson, Mrs. Harrisson, ?????.

Girls Life Brigade 1960

Whitstable Girls Life Brigade 1960
Girls Life Brigade 1960
Back: ?????, Tricia Harvey, Jean Furness, ?????, Christine Jones, ?????, Julia Newell, ?????, Janet Marsh, Ann Jacobs, ?????, Elizabeth Harvey.
Front Anita Taylor (now Dailey), Margaret Dailey (now Marshall), ?????, Gillian White, Carol Harman, Jennifer Johnson (now Ashford), one unknown, Denise Harman, Captain Morgan.


Shortly after publishing the photos ,Anita Dailey chipped in with some names... and pointed out that, in the 1960 photo, she is standing next to a friend who would later become her sister-in-law! More recently, ladies at the Baptist Church were able to add the name of Gillian White to the second photo. However, there are still a few names missing.

So, can any of our readers now complete the lists?

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