Washing the Deck of a Whitstable Fishing Boat by the late John Harman

The Imortance & Dangers of Washing a Deck

Most of us landlubbers regard a bit of house cleaning as a task we can fit around other duties and it doesn't matter if we miss doing it for a day or two when other matters are more pressing. However, cleaning the deck of a fishing boat is an essential duty that cannot be put off. This was explained to me by the late John Harman in an email back in 2005.....

 Hi Dave,

Decks are normally washed each time the net is emptied on board. This is to remove the slime from jelly fish and others. It would be very dangerous not to do so.

Today's fishing boats probably have hoses with water under preasure for washing down the decks. However, in the old days, our means of obtaining water for this purpose, was with a bucket on a short rope. This was called a 'dip bucket'.

There was a knack to getting water from over the side when the boat was on the move You had to drop the bucket facing down and tilted forward..... then give it a quick jerk up. To do this incorrectly could cause you to be yanked over the side.

Good night, Dave . . .

British Columbia

I learned a great deal from John over the years. Much of the information came in response to questions in the Simply Whitstable Visitors book and arrived overnight. The above message arrived in the UK at 9 am... which meant that John sent it from British Columbia at 1 am. He gave so much to the web site over the years.

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