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    Comments, memories and discussion of Whitstable issues past and present

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Modern Day Pictorials

  • Popular  Places

    Modern day pictorials of some of Whitstable's most popular locations

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Natives Abroad

  • Natives Abroad

    Stories of ex-pat Whitstable Natives who have made new homes around the globe. Includes stories of the 'Ten Pound Pom' emigrants

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  • Name & Place

    Articles by Brian Smith. How Whitstable developed from marsh to town and how it acquired its name? Also, the mystery of Dodeham.

  • The Shoreline

    Articles by Brian Smith. History of the Whitstable shoreline since 1287 and how it shaped modern Whitstable?

  • Railways

    History of local rail lines and the part they played in shaping Whitstable. Includes info on the famous Crab and Winkle Line

  • Highways

    Brian Smith discusses four historic highways from Whitstable to Canterbury. Also includes a fascinating look at features along the route, their names and modern day equivalents

  • Countryside

    Historical features of the Whitstable countryside including windmills and named fields

  • Whitstable at War

    Stories, anecdotes and details of Whitstable during World War II

  • Sources of Ref

    Index of books and videos relating to the history of Whitstable


  • Thames Barges

    History of the Thames Barge and how it featured in Whitstable history. Includes local barge stories

  • Oyster Dredging

    A look at Oyster Dredging of the past with John Harman. Includes details of dredges, operations, company men and independent flatsmen, oyster beds, oyster bed marking and protection

  • Fishing

    Fishing in Whitstable in bygone days - including whelks, cockles, sprats and whiteweed

  • Harbour Stories

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  • Maunsell Forts

    Whitstable and the World War II Maunsell Forts of the Thames estuary - including photos by Peter Dalrymple

Natural  Phenomena

  • Flood of 1953

    Details of the flood including why it happened? Includes stories of local people drawn from our Visitors Book

  • Frozen Sea

    Photos of the frozen sea of 1962/63 kindly supplied by Jacky Evans


  • Whitstable Schools

    History and memories of local schools in bygone days

  • Clubs & Organisations

    Memories of local clubs and organisations including Whitstable football clubs, scouts, guides, cubs, life brigade and more

  • People & Places

    Memories of Whitstable people, places, activities and hobbies of bygone days. Includes the old West Beach Boating Lake and Swimming Pool

  • Business World

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Cover Photo Whitstable Castle

Castle Photos

As part of the revamp of Simply Whitstable I have started to bebuild our colelction of current day photos pf Whitstable. The first item is a sequence of photos of The Castle taken on 5 June 2013. You can take a look by CLICKING HERE.

While the revamp is in progress, a substantial number of our normal articles will be  unavailable but they will be restored as soon as possible.In the meantime, please bear with me.

Welcome to Whitstable

Welcome to Whitstable on the North Kent coast of the UK. The town lies just 60 miles East of London and 6 miles North of the cathedral city of Canterbury. As a fishing port, Whitstable is famous for its oysters and appreciated by many for its quaint architecture and stunning sunsets. In these pages, we have tried to capture the magic of a unique town.

We don't pretend to present an official view... we have no official status and we have no direct connections with other local organisations. We don't set out to advertise specific Whitstable businesses... we are not PR men. We don't make money... in fact, no income is sought or generated from the site. We have no political allegiance or agenda.

We are simply born and bred Whitstable people presenting our view of our home and having some fun along the way. However, we do have specific aims.....

  1.  to make contact with ex-pat Whitstable Natives and others with an interest in the town.
  2.  to reunite ex-pat Whitstable Natives with friends and relatives
  3. to stir memories amongst current and former residents of Whitstable
  4. to investigate and document aspects of Whitstable's past through the recollections and research of our readers
  5. to prompt discussion of local issues in and around Whitstable
  6.  to enable Whitstable residents to show friends and relatives where they live and what their home town is like

The site is organised here in Whitstable but the content is provided by many Whitstable people from around the globe and it takes the form of substantial articles, photos, memories and anecdotes. It is therefore "Our Site".... and the "We" can be anyone who wishes to contribute. Think of it as a community club... but one that is open to all.

We hope you enjoy it. More important, we hope you enjoy Whitstable itself. Thank you for calling